Family UNplanning - by Craig Houghton

Welcome to the Family UNplanning website! 

We proclaim that our LORD is sovereign in family planning and that He has declared in His Word that children are a blessing and a reward.  We want to encourage Christians to study the Bible and discern if what our Western culture has taught us regarding having children holds true to God's teaching. 

Recently published, Family UNplanning challenges current thinking and encourages Christians to put aside the master plan for their lives and look to the Master to plan their families.  We hope that your hearts will be opened to God's truth on this matter and that you would join us on the adventure of a lifetime.

Family UNplanning has Scripture on almost every page and is designed to bring honor and glory to Him alone.

The book contains the following chapters:

1.  God's perspective on children

2.  Old Testament Scriptures relating to children

3.  New Testament Scriptures relating to children

4.  The first 1900 years of the church

5.  How did we get to where we are today?

6.  What the future holds

7.  What are we afraid of?

8.  Eternal perspective

9.  My testimony regarding my own family

Nancy Campbell of Above Rubies wrote a beautiful foreword to Family UNplanning.  I am very grateful for her encouragement and contribution.

"Craig Houghton has done all serious Christians a service by adding his thoughtful voice to the renewed discussion of contraception.  In this day of me-first thinking, when children are often rejected as an inconvenience, Craig has called us back to Biblical basics with a clear echo of that authoritative voice that said, "Be fruitful and multiply."  That was God's command to the first parents and He has never rescinded it.  And though the modern church has largely forgotten its family priorities in the stampede to be "relevant" (which usually means mimicking the pagan society around us), Craig represents a new groundswell of Christian thought that seeks to return the family to the place of social prominence for which God designed it.  Family UNplanning is a clarion call for a return to Biblical thinking in regards to God's most important social unit, the family."  -Rick Boyer

Rick Boyer of The Learning Parent also took time out of his busy life to read and endorse Family UNplanning with this strong call to Christians in a back-cover review.  Many thanks to Rick.